Annual Impact Report


The vision of Liquid Church is to

Saturate the State with the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Looking back at 2018, we want to CELEBRATE how your generosity is helping us achieve our God-given vision… by God’s grace, we hope to have a campus in every county of New Jersey!

A message From Pastor Tim
Hey Liquid Church! I am praising God for you – as you are a KEY PART of how we are Saturating the State with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 2018 was truly an amazing year here at Liquid: From celebrating 2,000 baptisms since launching as a church, to record-attendance in our Small Groups, to 1.1 million meals packed to feed the hungry and so much more… From my heart to yours, I want to thank you for partnering with us at Liquid and giving us SO MUCH to celebrate as we look back on this year. I encourage you to dive into this Annual Impact Report for the highlights and to see all the powerful ways Jesus has been moving among us this year. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us in 2019… The best is yet to come, church!

Pastor Tim Lucas

On average 4,187 people attended Sunday Services at 1 of our 6 campuses.


Morris County


Middlesex County


Essex County


Union County Mountainside


Somerset County


Union County Garwood

Outreach Magazine ranked Liquid Church as #43 in its annual list of the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Churches in America.

We Grew 13% In 2018

Liquid Family Grew 7% In 2018

Record # of New Guests: 4,358 In 2018

2,000+ Baptisms!

In 2018, we celebrated over 2,000 baptisms since the launch of our church in 2007.


435 BAPTIZED… For the first time ever in the history of our church, we saw more than 1 person per day in 2018 make a public declaration to follow Jesus… Representing a fulfillment of God’s vision for the church in Acts 2:47.

“In my battle with alcohol addiction, I was once 13 years sober. I experienced 2 relapses that literally brought me to my knees looking for answers. On Good Friday, I decided that Christ was my answer and instead of turning away from God, I decided to turn toward Him. 1 Corinthians 13:2-8 lays out exactly the emotions I’ve wrestled with all my life... Having talent, but no true love. Having blessings, but no true peace. Enjoying the gifts of life, but with no purpose. With my baptism, I’m declaring a renewed life and mind as I become one with Christ. Now, I can give myself, my daughter, family and friends this true love that I have!”

Jaime Vasquez

Liquid Essex Country

Baptized May 6, 2018

Nothing creates new Christians like new campuses!

Middlesex County Grand Reopening

We crossed the Driscoll Bridge to open our NEW HOME at the Sayreville War Memorial High School! We believe our new location in Sayreville is GOD AT WORK. He had provided room for us to grow and reach even more people with the love and compassion of Christ as we work to Saturate the State together!

Monmouth County Launch Announced

In 2018, we announced that we’re opening our first campus along the Jersey Shore in Monmouth County! CLICK HERE for launch details!

Small Groups are our primary discipleship tool to strengthen followers of Christ!

74% of Liquid Church attendees

participated in Small Groups in 2018. That’s 2,371 people.

An average of 3,057 viewers checked out each FAST video daily devotional featuring Liquid pastors.

An average of 2,700 viewers tuned into Wednesday War Room (online prayer) each week via Facebook Live throughout our SWAT All-Church Groups Experience.

Teamwork makes God's dream work!

2,213 volunteers served on a Dream Team in 2018.

Parking cars, greeting guests with a smile, serving FREE coffee, mentoring students, leading worship and so much more!

Liquid Family
Legacy Team
Many More!

Mariano Rivera

Living Legend.
World Series Champion.
Greatest closer of all time.

As a celebration of our dedicated Dream Team members, we hosted a special event with New York Yankee superstar pitcher Mariano Rivera!

The living legend known as “Mo” appeared LIVE at Liquid to share his powerful testimony and passion to serve Christ during a 90-minute, surprise-packed worship experience exclusively for our Dream Teamers.

Liquid Family

Our Mission is to partner with parents to develop a faith that sticks.

An average of 952 Kids and Middle School Students learned how God's Word fit into their lives each Sunday.

125 Kids and Students baptized in 2018
96 High School Students & Leaders served on 2 Mission Trips to the Dominican Republic


998 children and adults with Special Needs and their families were served by Liquid in 2018.

Erik Murphy, 12

Liquid Morris County

“I accepted Jesus when I finally understood what church is about through coming to Liquid. I learned about the Bible, Jesus and what he sacrificed for me. I was baptized this December because I love Jesus and am proud to be a Christian. My grandma would be so proud. Thanks to my buddies, small group leaders, and friends at Liquid for their love, support and guidance and for teaching me how to follow Jesus.”

In 2018, Liquid served children and adults with Special Needs and their families through:

• Parents’ Night Out & Support Group
• Night To Shine & LOVE Weekend Family Festival
• Buddy Program on Sundays


In 2018, we partnered with the Tim Tebow Foundation to host NJ’s largest Night To Shine prom under one roof! Night To Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience designed especially for teens and adults ages 14 and older with special needs.

500+ Guests
1,000+ Volunteers

“Serving as the Outreach Coordinator at Liquid Middlesex gives me the opportunity to put my faith in action, be the hands and feet of Jesus and make an impact across our county. My favorite day of 2018 was definitely Night to Shine, which is just as special of an event as it is fun and humbling. Being able to help teens and adults with special needs feel loved on and treated like the kings and queens that they are is so rewarding. I love seeing all of the planning, hard work, and all of our awesome volunteers come together to serve... But mostly, I love seeing the look of joy on everyone's faces as they get to enjoy a night designed just for them!”

Kellie Olah

Outreach Coordinator

Liquid Middlesex County

Clean Water

In 2018, we took clean water teams on trips to Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Rwanda. Since purchasing a drill rig in 2016, 153 wells have been completed in Rwanda bringing clean water to 61,200 people!

The people of Liquid have generously given over $3 MILLION to our Clean Water Cause!

At Liquid Church, we have a passion for Clean Water. We believe that every single person on the planet has a God-given right to clean and safe drinking water. We also believe God has called us to help Rwanda become the first African nation with 100% access to clean and safe drinking water. As a part of our partnership with Living Water International (LWI), I had the privilege of spending 9 days in the heart of this beautiful country. It was so amazing to be the boots on the ground and work alongside the locals to dig the well and bring life-saving water to hundreds of people in the village and neighboring communities. One of my highlights from the trip - or, what I call my “gotcha moment” - occurred when we found a young woman named Margarita, who was first introduced to Liquid 3 years ago while Pastor Tim visited Rwanda on a vision trip for our Clean Water Cause. We originally met her drawing water from a dirty water pond to bring water home... but this time, our team found Margarita healthy, attending school, and drinking clean water from a well that Liquid Church provided. I’m so proud to be a part of a church who helps save people physically while sharing the soul-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jon Coords

Campus Pastor

Liquid Somerset County


In 2018, we got out of our seats and into the streets!


3 Days
60+ Outreach Projects
1600+ Volunteers

spread God’s love across New Jersey by serving our neighbors in 1 special weekend... LOVE WEEKEND!


6 Locations
6,000+ Volunteers
Over 1.1 MILLION Meals

packed to feed hungry children and families around the world!


300+ Volunteers

served with New York City Relief feeding our friends struggling with homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness on the streets of Newark.

live broadcast

On Sunday, February 1st we celebrated Liquid Church's First Ever live broadcast!

4,000+ people across New Jersey united every Sunday in 2018 to receive the same biblical message, in the same week!

Thank you for your generosity!

As our family celebrates what God’s done through Liquid Church in 2018, we celebrate YOU! All this would be IMPOSSIBLE without your generosity through your sacrificial giving and faithful service to God. Thanks for helping us reach our vision to Saturate the State - and beyond - with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!